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Why is building control approval important?

It is the builder’s responsibility to make sure that the buildings they construct meet the standards set out in the building regulations. Building control team checks look at whether newbuild projects and conversions meet those standards.

Without building control approval and a completion certificate, financial penalties can be incurred. Local authorities can also, under the Building Act 1984, insist that any work that doesn’t meet regulations is altered or removed.

Your mortgage lender will also request a copy of this certificate.

Building control surveyors will visit your site periodically throughout the build process to check that work is progressing in line with building regulations. They will look at a range of areas, including the building foundations, structure, drainage, roofing, insulation, heating, ventilation, and accessibility

Our Construction Handbook outlines the statutory requirements and practical guidance, whether you are a self-builder planning your dream home or part of a construction team working on a multi-million-pound newbuild residential scheme.

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Building Control


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