Latent defects insurance for
social housing schemes

Building warranties for social or affordable housing projects can work differently to standard new homes, which is why HomeProof has a social housing warranty tailored to this type of development.

HomeProof’s specialist warranty cover provides protection for housing associations and landlords against structural defects for 12 years following completion. It covers new builds, conversions and refurbished properties, whether they go on to be rented or sold in shared ownership schemes.

Social housing warranty cover overview:

  • 12-year cover
  • Two-year developer/builder guarantee period
  • 10-year insurance period

Cover includes:

  • Contamination of land
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Additional costs/fees
  • Removal of debris

This policy is available for social housing projects that are already underway or completed. Protection is in place from practical completion.

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Social Housing Warranty


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